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Back to work in 2019

I want to share an updated A2Toolbox for Sketchup 2017 and 2019.

A lot has been done and remake: new plugins have been added, including my own.
It remains quite a bit to do: improve compatibility, compile simple installer and add support for scaling at least for 125% (120dpi). By the way, does someone use 150% and 200% scale in Windows?

As long as Im doing all in my free time, the release is postponed constantly. However, now I have possibility to finish the Toolbox instead of job tasks, and you have the opportunity to support the project with donations. Even your symbolic contribution matters!

You can use plugins and Toolbox for free, it does not bind yours. But software must be developed to be relevant. And someone needs to invest time and motivation for that.

In supporting this project, is not only the way of thanking, but also the way to provide an opportunity for Author to keep project afloat and make it better.
Best regards,

Sketchup 2019

We had big hopes for Sketchup 2019. But it looks like all capable developers were replaces by marketers in Trimble. Everything went wrong sinсe Google gave the product away. Sad.

I`m considering to create a separate platform, investing there best usability methods from SU, but eliminating the technical flaws to allow further developing. On this issue, I am open to cooperation.

For now we a planning to release reworked A2Toolbox for last suitable Sketchup version: 2017(Pro and Make). Maybe, for one of 2019`s species(Depends of many factors). Follow the latest news.



We are back, and going to visit Barcelona soon! Hope for warm hospitality and good entertainments.
Have any idea about the place?

Low-poly. Few tips and plugins, to model lightweight geometry in SketchUp.

Low-poly. 7 tips on how to make your model and your job easier.


How often does your SketchUp slows down cause of complex models?

You would not believe in how many times lighter model may be, if you will make these simple corrections from the beginning. 

Few people know, that almost all renderers and engines consider geometry as triangular polygons. You may not seen in, but your graphics card does. It is also vitally important for game developers.

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Front and Back faces

Conditional division to Front and back Sides of the Face is necessary for different purposes: modeling automation(plug-ins), texturing, rendering and other engines. Do not be surprised when you`ll have any problems if you ignore the plane orientation.


1. The basic way to change face orientation is to klick on it with right mouse button, and find Reverse Faces in context menu.

2. Little more advanced way.

3. And this is a magical tool “ReverseOrientFaces” by Fredo.

You can find it here, or in Faces tab of A2 Toolbox.t

Rome Event

I am going to hang around in Rome and Naples from 24 February till 3 March.
If everything goes well, I suggest an unofficial meeting to drink some beer and talk about SketchUp.
Also I would like to present a latest version of A2 Toolbox.