• Looking for more advanced tools in your Sketchup?
  • Use plugins and tired of hundreds disordered buttons?
  • Need complete solution, ready to work?
Download A2 Toolbox

Let me introduce A2 Toolbox for SketchUp: plugin compilation with friendly interface.

A Lot Of Tools
  • Toolbox contains 6 tabs with tools by category:
    1. Guides, Lines, Curves
    2. Faces
    3. Surfaces / Mesh
    4. Objects(groups and components)
    5. Construction Tools
    6. Texture Tools
    7. Select Tools
    8. Information and Settings
  • Two toolbars(+compact alternative), which includes standards tools and useful extensions.

watch full plugin-list

Save Your Time

From the beginning we had SketchUp and a lot of plugins. But plugins with grate potential where not much useful in many cases. Panels often move out, get lost, and it was difficult to remember/to find something you need in that chaos.

Everything can be made more quickly, much better, and with great pleasure.

With this statement I have desired to organize hundreds of new tools in one solid interface, which could solve some goals:

  • logical structure
  • quick access to all necessary tools
  • simple for intuitive understanding and learning
  • compact to save workplace
  • easy installation