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Sketchup 2019

We had big hopes for Sketchup 2019. But it looks like all capable developers were replaces by marketers in Trimble. Everything went wrong sinсe Google gave the product away. Sad.

I`m considering to create a separate platform, investing there best usability methods from SU, but eliminating the technical flaws to allow further developing. On this issue, I am open to cooperation.

For now we a planning to release reworked A2Toolbox for last suitable Sketchup version: 2017(Pro and Make). Maybe, for one of 2019`s species(Depends of many factors). Follow the latest news.



How to isolate selected object in Sketchup


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A2 Toolbox for SketchUp. Promo

Use plugins? Tired of hundreds of panels which constantly move out, and thousands of disordered buttons? There is a solution! Оver 100 plugin compilation with logical interface.

 Download it for free

a2_1 a2promo

A2 Toolbox Plugins. Short Video Overview.

Rome Event

I am going to hang around in Rome and Naples from 24 February till 3 March.
If everything goes well, I suggest an unofficial meeting to drink some beer and talk about SketchUp.
Also I would like to present a latest version of A2 Toolbox.


Drop Vertices by TIG